Innovative integration design

all in one light body with adjustable solar panel.

MPPT solar controller

High efficiency intelligent power regulation & Temperature Control.

Battery Management

Charge & Discharge efficiency up to 95-98%, more than 2000times'cycles.

All-in-one (Integrated) Solar Street Lights.

    The AIO series all in one solar LED street luminaire has slim and fully integrated design for installation in areas with no electrical infrastructure or requiring an autonomous lighting system. Powered by photovoltaic solar energy, the luminaire has its own power source, charge controller, batteries and LED board, all integrated into a single ultra-thin block that faci- litates installation, maintenance and prevents vandalism. Uses high durability compact lithium battery and electrical system developed for better performance and economy. With intelligent light detection system the luminaire automatically turns on at dusk and goes off at dawn, and is dimmerized automatically through the motion sensor to further optimize the product's autonomy
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All-in-two (Integrated) Solar Street Lights.

    Smart solar controller built-in, power brightness and lighting time are adjustable via remote controller. PROGRAMMABLE More area can be covered than PIR sensor, longer distance and wider sensitive angle, more stable than PIR. MICROWAVE SENSOR Solar panel seperated from light allows to increase po wer to meet the solar radiations in different latitude and longitude. Max 200W solar panel is allowed for 50W LED with 6200lm output. EXTERNAL SOLAR PANEL MC4 male & female plugs directly to 18V solar panel. qu ick and easy for connection. 2.5mm≤ power cord for less voltage drop. CONNECTION Battery and solar controller, sensor are built-insid e of light, only need to be connected to 18V system, NO more other operation, easy ,simple and quick installation.
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The EverGEN M Series is the smart commercial external solar lighting series that is ideal to light up any outdoor space.

PEB International FZE as an exclusive distributor in United Arab Emirates

for Sol Carmanah, EverGEN M series is the even smarter and more advanced upgrade to the standard EverGEN,

Smart rather than large

the EverGEN M is highly efficient and affordable, with an optimised maintenance system.

The remote monitoring system

ensures that you donít need to be consistently making the trip out to maintain the lights, but can keep an eye on them from the comfort of your own office..

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